Sunday, August 8, 2010

We have a NEW ADDITION to the family!!!

I would PROUDLY like to announce the birth of my FIRST nephew & FIRST boy on my side of the family......Jaiden Lewis!!! He is perfect and just the sweetest thing!

Born: July 23, 2010
6lbs 11oz
18 3/4in long

I have been SO BUSY this summer and haven't had time to blog like I want! Please enjoy the pics below and KNOW that there WILL BE many more to come:D Jesus is so good!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can I get a.........

CHEERLEADER!!!! That's right, Camille is cheering! This past Saturday was her first game and she was so excited. She LOVES it and was so in her element! Here are pictures of my big girl doing her thing! I am also excited to announce that Simone will be joining her big sister as a cheerleader too, they let her join the team and she is thrilled!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another goal met!!!!!!

I am so excited to say I met another goal this morning!!!! As you all know I'm running and training for the 1/2 in December and I've been working on building up my miles. Well this morning I am happy to announce that I ran 6 MILES non stop today! I felt so good too! The weather was fantastic and my body felt awesome! I am so excited about continuing on and building up to 10miles! Below is a picture of me from today!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our trip to San Antonio(March 2010)

I was looking through some pictures and forgot to post these! Last month(March), we went to our nephew's 1st birthday party in San Antonio, Tx. We had a blast and also got to go to the Riverwalk....which the girls had never been! We tried to go to the zoo(because I heard it was AWESOME since they re-did it) BUT it was Spring break weekend and it was too crowded! Enjoy the pics, we sure had a good time:)

My sweet girls!!
Waiting for the water boat taxi!
It was so pretty out that day....Like 80!
Hi Simone:)
Doing what she does best:)...LOVE her!
Hey Camille!!
Sorry, alittle blurry...taken by a stranger:P

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection Weekend! Thank God for a risen King!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ! On Friday, the girls went to my parent's house to color eggs! When we got there my sweet dad had everything laid out and set up for the girls to dye and decorate their own eggs. We had fun with that, then we had lunch with Grandmama, Aunt Tami & Auntie.....just girls! Saturday, the girls went back to my parent's to hunt for their eggs! We went to church Saturday night and had a blessed time. Sunday, it was nice to just take our time waking up and I even went to the gym and had a fantastic workout by myself:) Sunday afternoon, we went to our usual hangout(at my parents') with some of our other family, ate some good bbq and sides, with some yummy deserts.....Sock it to me cake, banana pudding and cookies!!! We had a blessed time and I thank God for family:D

Baskets & loot from mom & dad!
And they're off!
Got it!

Found one!
Camille hunting eggs in style....with her ipod & headphones on:)
Simone's stuff animals from Papa & Grandmama
Camille with one of her stuffed animals from Papa & Grandmama

They HAD to get in the pool.....just couldn't resist!

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I LOVE camera strap that is!!!!

Last week, I finally got my long awaited camera strap in the mail! I was so excited about it, because I am so tired of my neck getting tore up from the strap that comes with my Canon. This strap is so pretty and SO COMFY, it feels like there is nothing on my neck! Shey is AWESOME and she has SO many to choose from! Check her out yall. And bless her heart, she is BUSY and that is a blessing, so if you email her, give her time and she'll get back with you. It was a please doing business with you Shea! I pray the Lord continues to bless you, your family and your beautiful business!

Oh, and the red is SOFT mink, real smooth on my skin:)

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter party at school!

Simone had her Easter party at school today and she was SO EXCITED!!! We made the cutest baskets for each of her classmates and put lots of goodies inside! They had an egg hunt and the weather was so nice because it wasn't blazing hot. She was most happy to wear her dress that we have had for about 3wks, we are LOVING the green/brown combo right now:) Enjoy!!

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